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osc2laser (OSC to laser) enables you to create stunning lasershows - automated by timeline or even by live control. It works on any operating system and with many different applications and laser DACs. It is open-source, driven by the community and free of charge.

Use cases

Timeline lasershow

Use any OSC-enabled software to pre-program your timeline-based lasershow like e.g.

Live lasershow

Send OSC commands from a software of your choice to control your laser live:


How it works

  1. Start the osc2laser component osc-receiver.
    • Provides a 2D preview of your laser output
    • Listens to OSC command from any OSC client
    • Controls the ILDA output of your laser DAC
  2. Start any software which sends OSC commands (some ideas)
    • OSC commands tell the osc-receiver what to do like…
    • Set laser object (line, circle, dot, wave, …)
    • Set effect (color, rotatation,…)
    • Set parameters (wave amplitude, length,…)


However osc2laser is free for you, please consider giving something back to the developers to keep their motivation high:


You can download osc2laser built for your operating system or run the source code on any operating system.

Download for macOS

  1. Install the .pkg file from our latest release.

Download for any OS

  1. Checkout the source code.
  2. Follow the tutorial to adopt it to your operating system.

Quick start

  1. Download osclaser for your operating system.
  2. Follow this quick start tutorial.


As osc2laser is an open source project, driven by the community, we also only offer community support. Feel free to ask your question in our forum.


As a developer, feel free to pick any issue, fork the repository and send your pull request to us.

As a laser enthusiast, feel free to watch our forum and answer questions.